IS turns to artificial intelligence for advanced propaganda amid territorial defeats

24.05.2024 (1 Gün, 13 Saat önce) 3 İzlenme
Washington — With major military setbacks in recent years, supporters of the Islamic State terror group are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence (AI) to generate online propaganda, experts said

Protesters disrupt Google conference over Israel AI contract

17.05.2024 (8 Gün, 13 Saat önce) 22 İzlenme
Protesters disrupted Google’s annual conference this week over the tech giant’s deal providing artificial intelligence and other services to the Israeli government

California to use generative AI to improve services, cut traffic jams 

13.05.2024 (12 Gün, 13 Saat önce) 31 İzlenme
sacramento, california — California could soon deploy generative artificial intelligence tools to help reduce traffic jams, make roads safer and provide tax guidance, among other things, under new agreements announced Thursday as part of Governor Gav[..]

AI developments are already impacting the job market

13.05.2024 (12 Gün, 13 Saat önce) 32 İzlenme
As generative AI technologies like ChatGPT rapidly gain popularity, they are beginning to change the future of the job market

AI scams could become 'growth industry of all time,' warns Buffett

5.05.2024 (20 Gün, 13 Saat önce) 95 İzlenme
omaha, nebraska — Warren Buffett cautioned the tens of thousands of shareholders who packed an arena for his annual meeting that artificial intelligence scams could become the growth industry of all time

UnitedHealth says hackers potentially stole a third of Americans' data

2.05.2024 (23 Gün, 13 Saat önce) 48 İzlenme
WASHINGTON — Hackers who breached UnitedHealth's tech unit in February potentially stole a third of Americans' data, the largest U

LogOn: Hologram-like experience allows people to connect

24.04.2024 (31 Gün, 13 Saat önce) 173 İzlenme
The Dutch company Holoconnects are experts in the field of holographic illusions and are now delivering life-size personal connections with a 2-meter-tall box that make it feel like the person you are talking to is physically present

Generative AI threatens voter confidence in what's real   

24.04.2024 (31 Gün, 13 Saat önce) 76 İzlenme
Artificial intelligence surrounds U

Doctors display ‘PillBot’ that can explore inner human body

22.04.2024 (33 Gün, 13 Saat önce) 90 İzlenme
vancouver, british columbia — A new, digestible mini-robotic camera, about the size of a multivitamin pill, was demonstrated at the annual TED Conference in Vancouver

Meta's new AI agents confuse Facebook users 

21.04.2024 (34 Gün, 13 Saat önce) 84 İzlenme
CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — Facebook parent Meta Platforms has unveiled a new set of artificial intelligence systems that are powering what CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls the most intelligent AI assistant that you can freely use

Developers: Enhanced AI could outthink humans in 2 to 5 years

20.04.2024 (35 Gün, 13 Saat önce) 92 İzlenme
vancouver, british columbia — Just as the world is getting used to the rapidly expanding use of AI, or artificial intelligence, AGI is looming on the horizon

With $6.6B to Arizona hub, Biden touts big steps in US chipmaking

9.04.2024 (46 Gün, 13 Saat önce) 104 İzlenme
President Joe Biden on Monday announced a $6

Vietnamese Automaker VinFast to Start Selling EVs in Thailand

27.03.2024 (1 Ay, 29 Gün önce) 115 İzlenme
Bangkok — Vietnamese automaker VinFast announced Tuesday that it plans to sell its electric vehicles in Thailand and said it had tied up with auto dealers to open showrooms in the country

Reddit, the Self-Anointed 'Front Page of the Internet,' Jumps 55% in Wall Street Debut

22.03.2024 (1 Ay, 4 Gün önce) 130 İzlenme
NEW YORK — Reddit soared in its Wall Street debut as investors pushed the valued of the company close to $9 billion seconds after it began trading on the New York Stock Exchange

US Sanctions Network Smuggling American Tech to Iran's Central Bank

17.03.2024 (1 Ay, 9 Gün önce) 113 İzlenme
Washington — The U